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Federal Council of Germany announced obligation of phosphorus recycling from sewage sludge


There is a new sewage sludge regulation in Germany. With the decision of the Federal Council the amendment passed the whole legislative procedure. Germany has not made it easy with the new sewage sludge regulation. The legislative procedure lasted more than 10 years.

In particular, the new obligation for wastewater treatment plants to recycle some of the phosphorus contained in the sewage sludge has always been the subject of heated debates. We as PYREG GmbH have used the time to further develop our carbonization process so that sewage sludge can be recycled into phosphorus fertilizer with high plant availability. In the meantime, we are market leaders. So let’s start.


New member of the PYREG Management Board


Bodo-Joachim Wendenburg (pictured right) is the new member of the PYREG Management Board. Together with CEO Helmut Gerber (pictured left), he is now co-responsible for the development of our company, which specializes in manufacturing recycling facilities and developing environmental technology.

CEO Bodo-Joachim Wendenburg will be responsible for Finance, Sales and Purchasing. Stations of his previous professional career were leadership positions at Intersnack, Wolff & Olsen and Capital Management Partners. We as PYREG-team are very pleased about his support.

Our international events & trade fair presence 2017


International congresses, conferences and trade fairs are always a good opportunity to get to know us or to get back into conversation with us. An overview of the international events, in which PYREG will participate in 2017, can be found in the following list. We look forward to meet you!

17.-18. May 2017 COPENHAGEN, Denmark International VDI Conference 2017 – Sewage Sludge Treatment
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28.-29. June 2017 PAPENBURG, Germany 3N-Conference, Ecoinnovations from biomass
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12. September 2017 BERLIN, Germany  Conference of German Phosphorus-Platform DPP; Phosphorus-recycling: Strategies for market maturity
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Stockholm produce biochar with PYREG-facility


Stockhom celebrated the opening of the first PYREG facility for biochar. Four more facilities are planned. The opening of the first PYREG system is also the starting shot for a highly regarded urban environmental protection project in the capital of Sweden.

According to this, the citizens of Stockholm will bring their green waste to various collection points in the city. There, the waste from parks and homes will be turned into biochar with PYREG technology. After that the citizens can take the biochar back into their gardens to improve soil and to promote plant growth in a natural way. In addition to this, by carbonising the biomass residues and storing the biomass into the soil the city can compensate carbon dioxide emissions of around 3500 cars. Part oft he project is also to use the excess energy which is created during the carbonization process and provide heat and hot water for more than 80 apartments in the city.


We mourn for Marc-Etienne Favre


Words seem inadequate to express the sadness we feel about Marc-Etienne Favres death. He died on September 7, 2016 surrounded by his family in Switzerland. Marc-Etienne Favre was one of the pioneers of biochar-production in Europe, co-founder of the Swiss Biochar and first PYREG plant operator.

His impressive courage to face live and strength to fought for new ideas are unforgettable. We will also always remember the first steps we did together in Belmont sur Lausanne with one oft the first PYREG plants, about which is so much to tell and smile.

Marc-Etienne, you will be sorely missed and we are grateful for all that you have done. All we can do now is to express our condolences to your family.

Helmut Gerber & the whole PYREG-Team

Award for Master's thesis about PYREG technology


Barbara Schritz, our former student assistant, received an award for her Master's thesis. The Society of Friends of the University of Applied Sciences Bingen e.V. (GdF) awarded every year five excellence thesises, this year including the Master's thesis by Barbara Schritz. She had been analyzed the "phosphorus fertilization effect of PYREG-carbonized and acid-treated sewage sludge in field trials with wheat". The Master's thesis was supervised by Prof. Dr. Thomas Appel of the University of Applied Sciences Bingen and Kevin Friedrich, our head of research and development. We congratulate!

The first PYREG-plant for sewage sludge utilization is in operation


In this week, our first german municipal sludge processing plant based on the Pyreg technology was successfully put into operation at the municipal waste water treatment plant Linz-Unkel near Bonn. This is a milestone for our company and was celebrated together with our project partners and other representatives from business and politics in this week.

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The association of sewage water disposal Linz-Unkel invested  four years and 5 Million Euros to integrate modern process technology for eco-friendly sewage sludge utilization. The municipal waste water treatment plant Linz-Unkel has a capacity of around 30,000 population equivalent. In a first step a plant for anaerobic digestion was integrated, in a second step a PYREG-module with a proprietary dryer manufactured by ELIQUO.

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PYREG-Biochar is EBC-certified


Now it is officially confirmed that our biochar satisfies the highest quality standards. The biochar, we manufacture in PYREG procedure itself, is certified by the standard of European Biochar Certificate (EBC). This inspection certificate is intended to ensure the sustainable production of biochar and ensure the quality of products for customers and users.

Here you can read more about the EBC.

We do an excellent job


A very special award is been given to us at the IWA Leading Edge Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies in Hong Kong. Kevin Friedrich, PYREG-Director of Research and Development, there recently presented the PYREG method for phosphorus recycling the international scientific community and won the " IWA Leading Edge Posters Price 2015" . The jury selected him from 110 presented posters of water and wastewater technologies and processes. Competitive basis were four criteria - originality and sustainability of the presented technology, its practical relevance and scientific quality of the process development . According to the jury Kevin Friedrich and his poster have convinced here across the board. We congratulate!

© IWA 2015

Phosphorus-Recycling: Currently a hot topic


Phosphorus will get to be a worldwide competitive good within the next few years, because we care too little about the soils of the world, waste food without sense and fertilize as if our global nutrient occurrence is a endless source. This is the conclusion of an evaluation, published in Science, the world’s leading journal of scientific research, by a group of researchers around Ronald Amundson from the University of California at Berkeley.

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The scientists even warn in their study that economic imbalances and geopolitical conflicts between states will happen in the near future, triggered by a shortage of nutrients.

Therefore technologies, which can recycle nutrients such as phosphorus from waste, will become more and more important. How fortunate that for more than two years we have researched with the University of Applied Sciences Bingen on this issue and now are one of the very few companies that can offer an economically profitable use of sewage sludge including phosphorus recycling.

Read more about the study by Ronald Amundson: Soil and human security in the 21st century  

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Gelsenwasser cooperate with PYREG


The largest german company of drinking water supply, Gelsenwasser AG, wants to cooperate with the PYREG GmbH on the subject of phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge. CEO Henning Deters (left side) announced this at the last press conference of Gelsenwasser AG: "The discussion of the subject phosphorus-recovery is new to us. We assume, that in the future an obligation will be adopted by the federal government. Therefore, we are currently planning a pilot-project in Emmerich am Rhein and this includes a cooperate with PYREG GmbH, which has developed such a method."

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The PYREG GmbH gained with Gelsenwasser another important partner in the sector of waste water and sludge treatment. Helmut Gerber, managing director of PYREG GmbH: "This cooperation shows us also, that our PYREG-technique of sewage sludge utilization with integrated phosphorus recycling is the right way."

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New Network for Environmental Technology


PYREG GmbH is one of the founding members of ECOLIANCE. This is basically a new network of companies, which are among the best suppliers for environmental technology. Together, we focus our skills to drive innovation and shape the markets of the future. The companies behind ECOLIANCE, and our missions and goals, could be found on the new ECOLIANCE website.